Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the next step. Now you’ve got your website, you need to make it eye-catching. This is done through meaningful and memorable imagery.
I can help with any graphic design – whether it’s used for:

  • images on your website
  • logos
  • merchandise
  • flyers
  • banners
  • business cards

Graphic Design: Logos

Baba Ga Nosh

I was asked to create a logo and my brief was :

  • A circle
  • Like a child’s drawing of an apple
  • Child writing
  • The same colour as Cadbury’s logo

An hour later I returned with this design and the customer was delighted.

Get My Black Belt

I created this design for the best-selling Get My Black Belt courses. I went through a few iterations before I was happy with the final version below.

I was still working full time when I made these logos so the only time I had to design them was sitting on the floor outside the toilet in a packed commuter train to London!

I originally had 6 Hour Black Belt in mind so I made logos around this before switching to Get My Black Belt. Below are my early attempts!


Bushblok is part of the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Their aim is to take the non-cheetah friendly thorn bushes left behind after an area has been farmed and turn it into burnable briquettes. This leaves the environment thorn bush free – and easier to run it – while providing fuel for local communities.

As a volunteer with the Cheetah Conservation Fund, I offered to create their new logo. They loved it and instantly adopted it!

Power Dragons

This graphic, for a kids’ karate club had to show both fun and strength. I balanced this by having a cartoon dragon with solid, burning letters.

One without the other would not have worked as well.

Graphic Design: Merchandise

I can create merchandise for your brand, team or merely for novelty.

Designs can be on clothing, mugs, caps, tote bags – almost anything!

Once these designs are sent to fulfilment companies, they can print of your designs on demand so there is no need to buy stock. You don’t even need to have a website to sell merchandise. I have sold these items using the Wado Ryu Facebook page and some Facebook advertising.

I am quite proud of the Christmas Jumper I designed above. It is described as:

If Chuck Norris and Santa had a baby and that baby was a sweater, this would be it. Get your exclusive sweater here featuring:

  • crossed katana motif
  • reindeer dancing amongst the sai
  • falling shuriken
  • kicking snowmen in the head.
  • Graphic Design: Flyers

    I designed flyers for events at our local residents’ association. I tried to be as eye-catching and varied as possible with my designs.

    Graphic Design: Business Cards

    You can make a good first impression with your business cards. I have designed and managed the production of these for a number of companies. What you can have is only limited by your imagination.

    If you would like to learn more or would like a free quote, please do not hesitate to contact me!