Course Creation

Online Course Creation

Online Course Creation
udemy will promote your course for you

Online courses are a great way to make a passive income while allowing others to benefit from your knowledge and this is where course creation can help you.

I have been making online information products since 2011.  These are featured on the Get My Black Belt website.

Of these products, 140 Combat Moves has been Amazon’s #1 best-selling self defence DVD in Europe and the US.

As demand for DVDs reduced, I moved my courses online, firstly through a membership area on my website and then onto udemy, the world’s largest online course platform with over 30 million users.

I have also helped others to make their own courses where they are also enjoying passive incomes.

I can create the physical course, video it, edit it and format it, uploading it to a suitable platform and market it for you.

Get My Black Belt – udemy

Since I released Get My Black Belt on udemy, it has been their #1 best-selling karate course. The course was so long that I split it into parts 1 and 2, thereby doubling my sales. Part 2 is the #3 best-selling course on the platform.

I like udemy as they are a huge company and they do all your marketing for you. In return for their marketing, they take a large percentage of your revenue though.

Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days – Teachable

Alicia Eaton already had the audio chapters for her course but needed to take the next step. Video courses are considered to be far more valuable than audio courses so I made the audio recordings into videos.

This was first made available through the Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days website and then I moved it onto the Teachable platform for added security.

Mnemonics Memory Course – udemy

Stefan Calvert had already recorded his memory crash course and was able to provide the video files. 

I created the promo video and sales pages and put the Mnemonics Course on udemy. It has since been selling to customers internationally.

Elevate Accountancy Course – Kajabi

Azuki Accounts provided the videos and I created the Elevate course on Kajabi. This course is quite sophisticated in that it is a Drip Course/Coaching Programme where new lectures are automatically provided to the student every week.

Kajabi is seen as the gold standard for online courses. It is expensive and does not promote the course for you but it does include unique features such as mass mailing your customer base.

140 Combat Moves – Amazon

This is another course in my Get My Black Belt brand.

I did the following:

  • Scripted it with martial arts experts
  • videoed it
  • edited it
  • did the voiceover
  • created the promo material
  • created the cover artwork
  • created the accompanying website
  • created the YouTube channel to go alongside it
  • found a fulfilment company to create the DVDs
  • sold the course on Amazon in the UK, Europe and the US.

It has been Amazon’s #1 best-selling self defence DVD globally. However, as demand for DVDs has reduced, I put 140 Combat Moves on udemy where it continues to find a significant audience.

If you would like to learn more or would like a free quote, please do not hesitate to contact me!