Client Feedback

I love everything about making websites – I enjoy making videos, graphic design and SEO. It combines art and science and you can see the results instantly.

I make sure all my customers are happy – here is what some of them have to say!

Dr. Jane Galton

Cheetah Conservation Fund UK

“Hello, my name is Dr Jane Galton. I am the chair of the Trustees of the Cheetah Conservation Fund UK. I met Alex about three years ago at a big event we put on and I have to say it was a very, very lucky and wonderful meeting because he’s been with us now for three years and he’s been absolutely wonderful. He has developed our website, he has developed our database, he manages the database, manages the website and is just a joy to work with. I don’t know where we’d be without him”


John Hurley, 5th Dan

Luton Higashi Karate Kai

“Hi, my name’s John Hurley, Chief Instructor for Luton Higashi Karate Kai. Alex Buxton has been doing our website since 2002. He always uses the latest technology so advertising is a thing of the past for us. It’s all done via our website and because of the way Alex has made the website we’re always #1 on a Google search.”


Maxie Van Wyk

Daniell Cheetah Project

Daniell Cheetah Project (DCP)

Maxie wrote this on the DCP Facebook page which was really sweet.

The lion I am playing with was 8.5 months old at the time. We were very lucky because, from 9 months, they are deemed too dangerous to interact with and we would not have been allowed in. Only staff and their carers were allowed in their enclosure.

This lion (Chuck or Norris, I can’t tell!) was rescued with his brother from the terrible canned hunting industry. They will now live their lives out in safety as Ambassadors Against Canned Hunting.